Claire Denton Beauty would like to introduce you to the Hydradermie2

The creation of two new electrodes, one positive, one negative, allow for complete penetration of both the positive and negative ions with the introduction of a new negative roller, allowing for an increase in ionisation up to 38%. To increase performance further, new gel serums feature negatively charged ingredients, DNA and Vitamin C. Paraben Free.

A rejuvenating facial for all skin types, designed to deep-cleanse and rehydrate deep-cleanse and rehydrate deep-cleanse and rehydrate.
(1 hour) £57.00

Hydradermie2 Age Logic Facial
Specially designed anti-ageing performance facial, concentrating on the eyes, face and neck.
(1 hour 30 mins) £75.00

Hydradermie2 Lift
Uses lymph draininage and a safe effective micro current to eliminate toxins, improve skin tones and works on underlying muscle structure to “lift” the face, eye and neck area.
(55 mins) £55.00

Hydradermie2 Lift Express
Ideal for clients who require a quick treatment, 2 per week recommended.
(30-45mins) £45.00

Hydradermie2 Lift Deluxe
The ultimate anti-ageing combined treatment. Hydradermie Age Logic Plus Lift Facial
(1 hour 45 mins) £95.00

Guinot Age Summum Facial
Helps reduce the signs of ageing.
(1 hour) £69.00

Essential Facial
This is a very popular facial. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage and mask mosturise.
(45 mins) £37.00

Using patented Thermoclean technology to give glowing skin in 30 minutes.
(30 mins) £30.00

Aromatic Facial
Relax and unwind with a tension-reducing massage and a customised combination of plant extracts and essential oils to suit your skin’s needs. This utterly relaxing aromatherapy facial balances the skin, softens fine lines, restores radiance, lifts your senses and instils an overall feeling of well-being.
(1 hour) Every 4 weeks £45.00

Liftosome was developed specially to treat problems associated with mature skin.
Hydra Peeling

The alternative to aesthetic medicine. Erases visable signs of ageing.
(40 mins) £65.00
Eye Logic

Eye Contour Treatment
Scientifically proven effectiveness for crows feet and frown lines, puffiness and dark circles.
(40 mins) £52.00