Hair Removal by Claire Denton Beauty

It is recommended that you do not use a solarium or have heat treatment (including natural sun) 12 hours before or after any waxing or electrical facial treatments.
Soothing products by Australian Bodycare are used in these treatments.

Safe, effective hair removal using warm cream wax, suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. Leaves skin smooth and silky. Regrowth occurs between 4-6 weeks. Treatment is completed with a smoothing, moisturing cream.
1/2 leg (ankle to knee)

Full Leg

Top of Leg (including Bikini line)

Full Leg (including Bikini line)

Forearm from

Underarm from

3/4 Leg                                                                                        £24.00

All facial waxing is carried out using Lycon or a Mii mineral-based wax, unless client requests otherwise.

Upper Lip or Chin

Lip and Chin
Advanced Electrolysis Treatments
A free personal consultation is required before treatment.
Red Vein and Spider Naevus Removal                  From £40.00

Skin Tags and Milia                                                     From £40.00

Ear Piercing                                                                              £25.00

The Bikini Experience
Waxing the bikini line is hygienic, sensual, attractive and gives you that well groomed feeling, using the latest in waxing technology.
For your comfort, please consult your therapist prior to treatment. She will ascetain any contra-indications and advise on correct procedure and aftercare. Lycon Precision Wax is used.
Bixini Wax
Removal from the outside of the panty line.

Thong or High Bikini Wax
We achieve a beautiful high line, from the sides, top
and bottom area.
From £20.00

Leaving a vertical strip, one to two inches wide
From £32.00

All hair removed
From £36.00

Electrolysis (Using Sterex disposable needles)
Will permanently remove hair from small areas such as lip, face, breast and abdomen, during a course of treatments. Course length dependent on individual neeeds. Consultation will be given on first visit.
5 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes                                                                                  £32.00